Breast cancer is a devastating disease facing many women (and men) throughout the world. 


Bag and Boob Babes, Inc. is a women's cancer awareness group founded in 2012 in Mesa, Arizona by Marilyn Reed and Kay Foley. 


Our Name explains what the group is and does; Bag: we sew drain-bags, Boob: we knit knitted knockers, Babes: we are a group of women that have a passion for helping women going through breast cancer.


Our Goal is the let everyone know there are women all over the country putting time and love into the items they are making, thinking of remand praying  their recovery.


Our Vision is to have women in groups all over the country sewing, knitting and supporting people going through breast cancer, surgery, chemo, radiation, and recovery.  We are donating our products to individuals, surgeons, and facilities free of charge whenever there is a request.


Where are we: Currently we have women in Arizona, Idaho, Washington, California, Colorado, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois supporting / volunteering for Bag and Boob Babes, Inc.


What we do: We supply free of charge some or all of the following items: drainbags, knitted knockers, chemo hats, eye masks, knitted and crocheted lap throws, sewn quilts and small tote bags filled with small items to be used by patients after surgery or while having chemo therapy or during recovery. 


Funding: All Bag and Boob Babes programs are funded by private donations or fund-raising events.  Watch our website for ways you can help.



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